How to start a porn site

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Now that we've covered everything from keyword research, niche selection, content creation, and video monetization, you might be wondering: How long will it take for my new porn site to make money?

Based on our research and experience, everything depends on the time you invest. We recommend uploading 20 to 30 videos every day. This can initially take 2-4 hours a day. After a month, you will see a return on your investment. For more, please visit

Even if it's only $ 40 in advertising money, it's still residual income. The number one rule for making money with your own porn site is consistency.

Before we finish this article, we need to briefly consider some legal requirements. First, it's a good idea to determine the age of exercise on every porn site you have. The age gate forces users to check that they are adults and can watch porn movies legally. This is important because promoting minors is illegal. Of course, anyone can lie about their age, but the gate to old age helps you fulfill all legal obligations.

Include important details on your Terms of Service page. The country where the content is legally owned. Even if you use videos from other websites, register the website. If you allow users to upload their own videos, indicate what types of videos are (not) allowed.

We have given you tips, tools, and detailed descriptions of how to make money with your own adult website. Now it's time to make a plan and complete the work. And if you have doubts, questions, or need help building your first porn site, don't hesitate to contact us anytime.

start a porn site from zero


Choose a niche

Use popular porn sites for your research. Keep an eye on tags and automatically suggest search results. Try hard to hang fruit in an unsaturated, searchable niche, or a popular niche with an established fan base.

Use the free Place Key tool anywhere to check the exact niche volume search.

When you find a niche with at least one search, use tools like KWfinder or SEMrush to measure the competitiveness of your keywords.

Buy a domain

Try to keep using the .com, .net, org, or adult domain extensions.

Aim for a suitable domain name that contains one of your keywords.

Think about how you can use your domain name to brand your porn site uniquely.

Play with words and don't be afraid to use tools like or

Use adult hosting

Stick to offshore hosting companies based in countries such as Iceland, the Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria, and Luxembourg.

You want your hosting provider to manage your server in a secure data center. Avoid companies that use dealers.

Make sure the support team is familiar with adult hosting and many of the challenges facing porn webmasters.

Privacy protection is mandatory. Don't let strangers search for your personal information freely.

Think of a CMS solution

A good CMS platform is easy to use and offers attractive designs and functions whose daily tasks such as uploading videos and adjusting media settings can be automated.

The CMS solution must allow your users to log in and personalize their accounts, manage their favorite videos, comment and download videos.

The platforms we recommend are xStreamer, TubeAce and SmartTubePro.

Create your content

Record and upload your adult video (optional). This requires a high-quality camera, light, and sound equipment.

Allow visitors to create their accounts to upload or embed their videos from other porn sites.

Create content by embedding videos about your niche from popular porn sites. Do it yourself or hire people.


Place banner ads, use pop-up ads, and place link ads in various places on your porn site.

Download videos from popular porn sites. Change carefully to make it unique to you. Then upload videos to various porn sites to earn money from ads on these sites. Embed the same video on your website.

Invite users to premium content. This can include the most popular videos or content that you created yourself.

Select invoice service

Costs affect the bottom line. Therefore, pay close attention to how many traders charge fees for a transaction. Also, consider monthly or annual fees. Read customer reviews to find out if the cost structure is consistent with information.

We recommend that you look at the following billing companies: Epoch, PaymentCloud, and CCbill.

Improve design

Most CMS solutions contain various themes for adult web sites. However, because it has been used by so many people, we recommend adjusting your porn site. Improving website design makes it unique and attracts the attention of visitors.

Get a logo that accurately represents your porn brand.

Think about the color scheme, navigation layout, page organization and location of potential advertisements on your website.

Apply SEO

The same domain name helps to judge a website in search engines, albeit a little.

Creation of clearly written content, such as B. blogs for adults or sex sites are preferred over copied content.

Create a list of primary and secondary keywords.

Use Yoast SEO to check keyword density for each page.

Use all major social media channels. Use Reddit, Twitter, and Tumblr to promote your latest and most popular porn videos. Search Facebook and Instagram to share pictures and memes that are sexually stimulating.

Words for attention

Use the Age Gate of the website to ensure that visitors are legally permitted to consume or buy adult content.

Actually according to your usage requirements. Countries that have content legally, even though you don't.

If you allow users to upload their own videos, show what types of videos are not allowed.

Upload 20 to 30 porn videos every day to make money. It only needs 3-4 hours of work!

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